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“Is it a cliche that music transcends other senses as a reality?

Witness a score so pitch perfect you question whether it was written by human or machine consciousness.”

– Tony Wells (MixMag)

Delightful ambient noises and electronica from Edinburgh collective Bless This Machine at the aforementioned Monument Stage. It’s a real treat and we could have easily whiled away several hours here.”

Tallah Brash (The Skinny)

It designs our lives, controls our towns and industries, gives our lives structure and keeps us connected. To some it takes the shape of gadgets, apparatus and appliances. To others it is a threat hidden behind automation and convenience, slowly creeping into every corner of our lives while waiting to take over. Let the algorithm rise as the steam engine did before it, let it disrupt the organic arc of mankind and fuel a new existence. Let the motherboard guide and control our justice, our future and our lives. Bless this machine.

Edinburgh based electronic music collective, Bless This Machine are Caroline Baird, Gerry Mawhinney and David Mair. Caroline is a musician and electronic producer, formerly recording as Forward Play. Her critically acclaimed debut album was released on indie label ATR Records and synced by Channel Four production company, Lime Pictures. Gerry is a musician, DJ, producer and the force behind electronic music projects The Vinyl Club on Leith FM, Sound Advice and Laugh Like Me. David is a musician, DJ and producer behind the alias Superlogic. Their debut album “1.4” is out now, available from all good digital outlets.

2018 saw things move very quickly for the collective, as very shortly after releasing ‘1.4’, they were delighted to be asked to soundtrack and collaborate in a visual arts exhibition with Interview Room 11, were selected by BAFTA Scotland as one of only ten composers to attend a music composers film soundtracking mixer at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and were invited to play a number of gigs and music festivals throughout Scotland. A summer of impromptu touring followed, picking up new fans and favourable reviews along the way. A whirlwind year ended with the Herald Scotland naming their track ‘Malta, Aye Like’ one of the “Top 100 Tunes in Scotland in 2018”.

2019 sees the trio back in the studio preparing for festival season, writing a follow up to ‘1.4’ and working on a number of collaborative projects with various bands, artists and DJs across the Scottish music scene. Their ‘1.4 Deconstructed’ EP, featuring remixes from Main Ingredient, Hed Prefekt and Plague Exhibition, is out now on Bandcamp.